Our vision

A sustainable future free of power outages is within reach. Grid reliability and resiliency are high priority concerns for electrical utilities and the public at large. We all stand to gain from a proactive approach to grid health.

Our Story

ENERZA is a VC backed start-up with offices in Canada and USA. The founding members have deep knowledge of the industry, thus gave them the initial idea to tackle the biggest challenge that utilities are facing; the need for a more reliable and resilient grid.

The inspiration behind the creation of ENERZA came from the passion of both the CEO and CTO to help face the global crisis of climate change and its impact towards distribution grids. “To be able to facilitate change and start the revolution, environmentally and globally” says the CTO of ENERZA.

The two met at a networking event at OneEleven, Canada's premier community of venture-backed tech companies in Toronto in March of 2022. With their unique personalities and backgrounds, the two partnered up to tackle the greatest challenge facing utility firms in the twenty-first century, creating ENERZA.

At ENERZA we're pioneering the prediction of power outages and wildfires weeks ahead. Our cutting-edge technology equips us to foresee potential disruptions, enabling proactive responses that ensure safety and stability. This isn't just about convenience; it's a transformative leap toward resilience, bolstering entire communities and fostering a future where preparedness prevails over uncertainty.

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