Resilience beyond the grid

Revolutionizing distribution grid reliability with autonomous on-wire robotic monitoring and cutting-edge AI-driven predictive analytics, empowering utilities to proactively safeguard their distribution grids

The current state of

distribution grids

The rise of energy usage is leading to the rise of our reliance on our distribution grids.

The reliability, resiliency, and safety of the grid is facing growing threats due to the combination of surging demand, extreme weather events, wildfires, and aging infrastructure. The surge exerts considerable pressure on the grid's capacity and stability. This has created a great challenge for utilities to maintain the grids integrity.

Reality on the ground

Many utilities only conduct annual or biennial inspections of their distribution lines. In most cases, utilities perform inspections every five or ten years Most times, utilities are not aware of damage or power outages unless a resident calls in the case. This leads to higher risks, decreased reliability, low situational awareness and higher costs.

Take your network to the next level

Increase efficiency by at least 200%

Predict power outages and potential wildfires WEEKS in advance

Reduce operational costs by 25% - 50%

Predict and

prevent outages

Power outages occur most often at the distribution level of our electrical grid. Of those the primary cause is the combination of vegetation encroachment, aging assets with a weather event.

Our Partners

A new method of distribution line monitoring

Combining our on-wire data streams with advanced AI, ENERZA provides predicative analytics to utilities that they can access via a dashboard in which they can monitor, plan, and take proactive steps to ensure the reliability of the grid.