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ENERZA's actionable insight solutions empower electrical utilities to proactively address grid vulnerabilities. By leveraging advanced analytics, we can identify and predict hotspots on the grid down to the level of individual poles. This granular level of analysis enables utilities to take timely and targeted action, enhancing grid resilience and reducing the risk of costly disruptions.



Unlike other methods that involve processing delays, our ENERZA Insight Dashboard grants you immediate access to real-time grid data. With ENERZA, you can monitor assets and vegetation in real time, enabling swift decision-making and proactive management, setting a new pace in grid maintenance and reliability.



ENERZA offers a comprehensive suite of solutions harnessing on-wire data to empower electrical utility providers. Our advanced technology seamlessly captures and analyzes critical information, including vegetation data such as tree types, soil conditions, and encroachment levels, enabling proactive vegetation management strategies. Additionally, our system provides real-time asset data, offering insights into line and equipment health, helping utilities optimize maintenance and reduce downtime. We also aid in efficient asset inventory management, ensuring utilities have precise knowledge of their resources.

Risk assessment


By aggregating and synthesizing vast quantities of data, we empower utilities with a user-friendly dashboard. Here, they can gain real-time insights into the grid's health, along with invaluable asset and vegetation data. This powerful tool equips utilities with the information they need to make informed decisions, proactively monitor the condition of their grid infrastructure, and strategically plan maintenance and vegetation management efforts. ENERZA ensures that utilities have a comprehensive view of their network, enabling them to enhance grid resilience and reliability efficiently and effectively



Embrace the future of grid monitoring with our fully autonomous solution. Our fleet of robots (ARTHER) operates seamlessly, navigating overhead distribution lines independently, ensuring comprehensive grid coverage without the need for any human intervention. This innovative autonomy not only minimizes operational costs but also ensures consistent and reliable data collection, empowering utilities to maintain grid reliability and proactively address potential issues without disruption.

Power outage



By seamlessly integrating data captured by our on-wire robotic monitoring system with external third-party data sources, we've created a predictive tool capable of foreseeing power outages with unparalleled accuracy, pinpointing potential issues down to the individual pole. This predictive capability empowers utilities to proactively address vulnerabilities, minimize downtime, and ensure uninterrupted electricity supply, ushering in a new era of grid resilience and customer satisfaction

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